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Reviews on Hair Genesis by Customers

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The following is just a small sampling of the reviews on Hair Genesis and letters we've received from Hair Genesis users. All names and email addresses have been removed to respect the anonymity of our customers.
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*These testimonials are not proof of results or a claim for Hair Genesis' ability to grow hair or prevent hair loss. Individual Results May Vary.

I used your product before; and after about 9 weeks I started seeing results. Your product continued working great for me but I discontinued the product after I achieved the results desired (about 9 months). Now my hair has started to thin again so I know this time I will not be discontinuing use of Hair Genesis. This product works great for me because I am in the military and don't always have time to get in front of a mirror and spray stuff (Rogaine) on my head. Also (Rogaine) was only growing fuzz but the Hair Genesis was really thickening up the hair I had and also growing new, thicker hair. I guess the only thing I would request now is to please get my order to me ASAP. Also, last but not least, thanks for a convenient product with no side effects.

Very Respectfully,

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" hair growth has been fabulous!"
I have had a hair loss pattern that started in my mid-twenties (front through crown). Since I started using Hair Genesis™, my hair growth has been fabulous! I have a lot of hair growing on the top, center portion of my head now. My hair loss has also become very negligible. Hair Genesis™ has also almost totally restored my hair loss. I would and have recommended this product to others and friends--and I am a very strong believer in the results of this product.

Bob S.

"I have never felt better about the way my hair looks than now!" I would like to thank everybody at Hair Genesis™ for giving me back my hair. For years I have had to live with the fact that I was losing my hair and that caused great depression. I have never felt better about the way my hair looks than now! I can now wake up in the morning and not have to spend hours on my hair trying to make it look fuller. Being a woman and losing your hair was the most horrible thing ever! Thank you again!

Miss T.K

" hair in my brush and none on my pillow."
I started using Hair Genesis™ when I noticed more hair in my brush than I thought was normal--also on the shower drain. Since I have been using Hair Genesis™, there is virtually no hair in my brush and none on my pillow. I have not seen any hair on the shower drain after a couple of weeks after use. I will not stop using something that works.

Patrick S.
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" hair stayed healthy.."

My hair in front only looked good combed back to cover my bald spot in back. My hair would not grow long and healthy enough to wear bangs. After using Hair Genesis™, my hair stayed healthy so I could grow some length to wear bangs and cover a once rather balding area on the back. I believe Hair Genesis™ prevents future loss by keeping the hair healthier thus giving hair density and length to wear bangs. The body and health of my hair have improved.

Lance M.

"..I have little hairs growing on top of my head."

I was concerned with the loss on the crown of my head and I wanted to slow it down. Once I started using Hair Genesis™, I noticed very little hair loss (after showering) and it seems I have little hairs growing on top of my head. I really think this product works and I would recommend it to others.

Mike M.

"It works!"

I have being using HairGenesis™ for over six months. It works! I wish I could tell every person with thin hair to use this. It would make lots of people very happy. Even my barber has noticed the change. He commented on how much my hair filled in the area of most thinning.

Bruce S.
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"I heartily endorse this all natural product and recommend it to all my patients. Almost 90% of patients using the formulation noted a complete arresting of their hair loss progression."
After researching the various treatment options available for androgenic alopecia, it is my opinion that only three classes of substances have been clinically proven to prevent and/or reverse hair loss: minoxidil, Super Oxide Dismutase, and the antiandrogens. I have reviewed recent studies of HairGenesis and noted a very high success ratio. Almost 90% of patients using the formulation at the recommended dosage noted a complete arresting of their hair loss progression. Of these patients, 50% demonstrated an "aesthetically meaningful" change in the caliber of their hair. These are very positive findings indeed. After reviewing this research as well as clinical notes taken from patients followed at Advance Restoration Technologies, I am comfortable this formula presents an extremely safe track record in those using the product formulation at recommended dosage levels. These facts impressed me. HairGenesis is an exciting, new, naturally based, antiandrogen that has been added to our medical armamentarium for hair loss prophylaxis.

Michael J. Sassman, D.O. Columbia Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center

"My hair is rejuvenating in leaps and bounds. My confidence is back and so is my hair!"
Dear Sirs and Ladies (of course), I made a fool of myself the other day on the phone with the president of your telemarketing firm. I decided that no matter what, you must hear my story. I decided that I am definitely female and you need to hear my roar. I was beginning to wonder about being female with all the hair I was losing. I have always been considered a very attractive female and my hair has always been my crowning glory. My smile, personality, shy look are all contributing factors to my success. Not many women are able to say that they have broken a six-figure income. I can. I always feel in control. Okay, not always. When I realized that I was losing my hair I couldn't believe it. First, I ran out and bought every expensive product on the market thinking that the health of my hair could be affected. Nothing worked. I tried to ignore the problem thinking that stress was the culprit. So, I quit the stressful job and moved to the country. Really. My God, it just got worse. It got so bad that I could feel hairs dropping onto my arms when I was sitting perfectly still. That was when I finally admitted that there was a real problem. Off to the doctor I went. By the way, I quit my profession (marketing) and lost my insurance. Hundreds of dollars later and many tests and three doctors later and I was sadly disappointed. After the tests they decided that my testosterone level was normal, yet high normal and that was the problem. They placed me on birth control pills (don't need - had surgery) and blood pressure medicine. I took them faithfully for months. Nothing. I was losing so much hair that after vacuuming my vanity table area the vacuum quit running because of my hair wrapped around the roller. What a nightmare. I cried. I lost more hair. One night my husband and I had a tiff (this was happening more often I think due to my loss of hair and self esteem) and I went to my mother's. She has cable. I saw your infomercial. I thought what could I lose? Just more hair. And the rest is her story (it's a girl thing-instead of history).

Within three weeks of use I could comb my hair and not lose a single one! Within three months now my hair is rejuvenating in leaps and bounds. You should see all the new growth on my gorgeous head! My confidence is back and so is my hair! My existing locks are getting shiny, and silky and I have baby (2") hairs all over my head! Your product is saving my life as I have known it. This, of course, is not the whole story as I have toooooo much to tell. I love you whoever you are. My thoughts? You should love me too. I could help open an entire market for you with the women. I walk through the stores and notice all the thinning heads of women. My heart weeps for them. I want to sit with Jenny Lee Harrison on your next infomercial and tell all the women on earth that you're the best. Maybe even the only. You need to get pictures of my hair!!!!! You just won't believe it yourselves. The president of your telemarketing firm told me that you are a small company. You have made my hair grow. Now I would love to help your company grow. Consider me a testimonial for your next infomercial so we can reach all those women who are suffering quietly. Until now, I don't think they had anywhere else to go! I love you-I love you-I love you.

Debra B.
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