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Hair Genesis Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Hair Genesis ?

Hair Genesis is a naturally made hair loss product designed to stop hair loss and stop thinning hair in men and women. Hair Genesis has been proven effective in controlled and blinded studies, showing safety and effectiveness with hair loss.The Hair Genesis Oral Softgel formula is based on a carefully balanced combination of nutritional substances. These botanicals have been compellingly shown to interfere with key hormonal processes implicated in the onset and progression of pattern hair loss. Thus, the goal of Hair Genesis oral SoftGels is to treat the problem systemically, and block the negative progression of pattern hair loss before it has a chance to do damage to the hair follicle. In contrast, Hair Genesis Activator Serum is a topically delivered formula designed to use directly on the affected scalp. It combines active botanical substances found in the oral SoftGels into a highly potent solution designed specifically to treat the scalp directly. Hair Genesis Activator Serum was made to use along with Hair Genesis Oral Softgels. This powerful treatment system therapy works best when used in combination.
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How does Hair Genesis work?
Both male and female pattern hair loss disorders are believed to result from the hormonal conversion of testosterone to a substance known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone). A key step in this process is the conversion of testosterone to DHT via the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. Reduced form DHT binds to specific cellular points within susceptible hair follicles known as androgen receptor sites. This binding causes changes in the morphology (growth pattern) of the hair. The follicle and accompanying structures begin a process of miniaturization. The hair shrinks in diameter. In short, the scalp has more skin showing and less hair. HairGenesis™ stops this process from occurring by blocking several key points in this metabolic process. In doing so, Hair Genesis™ prevents the cascade of events that result in thinning hair.

Can HairGenesis hurt me?
When taken as directed, the answer is no. Among other indications, the substances found in Hair Genesis have a long history of clinical use in the treatment of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), another disorder associated with DHT metabolism. These substances have proven themselves very safe in the treatment of this disorder.
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How long do I have to use Hair Genesis before I see results?
Scalp hair grows rather slowly. Due to this gentle rate of growth-average 1/2" per month, it will generally take three to six months of regular use in order to fully appreciate the benefit of Hair Genesis™. Each individual hair on your scalp grows for two to five years. This is known as anagen. The hair then goes through a resting phase of approximately three months. This process is known as telogen. When you begin to suffer the effects of pattern hair loss, the anagen cycle becomes shorter and the telogen cycle occurs more frequently. This means you have fewer and fewer hairs growing on your scalp at any given moment in time.

It is thought that in addition to protecting the hair from miniaturization, Hair Genesis may affect the duration of hair growth more broadly. Think of this in relation to the leaves on a tree. When autumn arrives, the leaves on a tree shed. When spring returns, so do the leaves. Although human scalp hair sheds in a mosaic pattern, and not all at once, (the same way each hair has its own individual time clock) the analogy is still valid. The onset of pattern hair loss is to your scalp hair as shorter summers and longer winters are to a tree. In other words, a tree subjected to long winters and short summers would produce fewer leaves, which would grow for a shorter and shorter duration of time. Hair Genesis™ is like a rejuvenation treatment that ushers in longer summers and shorter winters for your hair. The point is, the greater number of hairs you have in place and growing on your scalp, the thicker your hair appears.

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What is the key ingredient in HairGenesis?

The formulation in Hair Genesis contains precise amounts of the specific ingredients noted on the label. These components have been carefully combined into proprietary formulas for each product in the HairGenesis treatment armamentarium. All ingredients are necessary in order to achieve the excellent results found with the use of Hair Genesis. Just as a gourmet recipe requires an exact blending of specific ingredients at precise levels, HairGenesis is also composed of a delicately exact combination of nutritional substances designed to protect your hair.

Why do I need to continue using Hair Genesis even after I start to see results?
Your body continues to produce DHT, regardless of your decision to initiate treatment. As we have discussed, DHT has been shown to cause pattern hair loss. Although Hair Genesis does not cure pattern hair loss; HairGenesis blocks DHT from causing damage to your hair.

Will Hair Genesis cause unwanted hair growth in areas other than my scalp? Absolutely not. In fact, the same metabolic mechanism that causes pattern hair loss is believed to influence secondary hair growth in other areas of the body. Therefore, although this hypothesis has not been actively studied, HairGenesis may actually help reduce the onset of (DHT mediated) unwanted facial and body hair.

What about drug interactions while taking Hair Genesis?

Hair Genesis, taken as directed, is free from known drug interactions.

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When should a person begin taking Hair Genesis?
Hair Genesis is recommended for men and women over age 18 who have begun experiencing the symptoms of pattern hair loss.

Does Hair Genesis cure hair loss?
HairGenesis is not a cure. Male and female pattern hair loss presents primarily as a qualitative change. Meaning that each affected hair becomes progressively thinner over time. HairGenesis works by allowing the hair follicle (the factory that produces the hair) to produce a healthier product. The theory being if you have ten hairs that are twice as thick, it is as good as having twenty hairs.

Is Hair Genesis basically the same as the hair loss drug Propecia?
No. Although both formulations have demonstrated efficacy in arresting hair loss, Propecia, a prescription only drug, based on the prostate drug Proscar, has been shown to present possible negative side effects with use. In addition, women may safely use HairGenesis, unlike Propecia.
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