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Hair Genesis Hair Supplements, Hair Genesis Topical Serum, Hair Genesis Shampoo, and Hair Genesis Conditioner together help fight hair loss by combating the effects of DHT.

New Improved Formula

Hair Genesis Softgels
The Hair Genesis™ Revitalizing Oral Softgel ™ is a critical component of the Hair Genesis™ system. Hair Genesis™ Softgels are designed to be taken orally and work in conjunction with the Hair Genesis™ Product Line. Building on the success of the foundational formula - and after years of follow up research - the Hair Genesis™ Oral Softgels have recently been dramatically improved and now provide a suite of newly recognized botanical substances that work together to strengthen and protect your hair better than ever before. While results from Hair Genesis™ have been reported in as little as two months, a six month period of use is strongly recommended in order to assess the benefit HairGenesis™ is providing.
Hair Genesis Activator Serum
HairGenesis™ Topical Activator Serum has also been dramatically improved. In a newly designed proprietary solution, HairGenesis™ Topical Activator Serum is bristling with a host of potent 5AR inhibitors, yet free from the negative side effects commonly associated with prescription medications. HairGenesis™ Topical Activator Serum is safe, effective, and now - even more powerful than ever before. It is also much more convenient to use. In fact, you only need to use HairGenesis™ Topical Activator Serum once a day in order to achieve desired results. Simply apply 1mL of serum to your affected scalp before bedtime. And each bottle contains a full 30mL - suitable for one complete month of use.

As an added benefit, both men and women may now use HairGenesis™ Topical Activator Serum in the exact same dosage and powerful level of concentration.
Hair Genesis Shampoo
Hair Genesis shampoo contains a suite of the key components found in the oral formulation that have been shown to be DHT blockers and keep DHT from binding to the hair follicle. By incorporating this hair-cleansing product into your Hair Genesis™ treatment program, you'll maximize the benefit of Hair Genesis™ by attacking DHT both orally and topically. Research indicates that DHT is not only found within the hair follicle, but also at the base of the hair shaft. By using the Hair Genesis™ shampoo,, this harmful DHT can be removed before it has a chance to cause damage to your hair.

Hair Genesis Conditioner
Hair Genesis Hair and Scalp Conditioner is the next step in the Hair Genesis treatment program. In addition to reinforcing the benefits already achieved, this product reduces unwanted hair breakage due to daily abuse. Hair that has been affected by pattern hair loss is often weaker and finer than healthy hair. Hair Genesis™ Hair and Scalp Conditioner is a finishing product designed to gently protect and strengthen weakened hair from further damage. And you may rest assured that this newly-formulated product also contains a carefully balanced combination of important botanical elements shown to block DHT.


New Improved Formula

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