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Hair Genesis is based upon a scientifically proven hypothesis and was developed by a hair restoration research expert. Dr. Geno Marcovici is the scientist primarily responsible for the development of the HairGenesis treatment line.
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Dr. Geno Marcovici biography

In 1995, Dr. Marcovici began research into the highly interesting metabolic activities he observed within certain naturally derived botanical substances. One of these was derived from a certain kind of palm tree; another came from a type of grass. Still others came from grape seeds and green tea. Each of these substances had shown compellingly objective evidence as inhibitors of the very metabolism shown to precipitate pattern hair loss. However, Dr. Marcovici realized that no one had managed to successfully combine them in such a way as to constitute a safe and effective treatment regimen that could be proven under stringent controlled research.

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Finding the target substances was just one part of the challenge. Another concerned the process of compounding these substances in the proper combinations and at the correct levels, so that they stayed in solution while maintaining desired stability and strength. They had to be structured in such a way as to be optimally deliverable to the hair follicles while maintaining their desired activities. This was where many others had failed, but where Hair Genesis would be proven remarkably successful.
Before focusing on formal research, and prior to completing his Doctorate in human physiology, Dr. Marcovici developed important experience in the design, administration, and direction of IRB (Institutional Review Board) controlled FDA clinical trials. He has also participated in the design, implementation, and interpolation of clinical studies with well-known biotech skin-sciences research companies such as Organogenesis and Procyte Corporation.

Dr. Marcovici has been involved in hair loss treatment and research for more than 10 years as the director of clinical research for Advanced Restoration Technologies, a Colorado based center whose practice was devoted solely to hair loss research and surgical hair restoration. During these many years of training and clinical practice, Dr. Marcovici saw thousands of hair loss patients and began to understand the challenges involved which would have to be overcome in order to present people with a better option than those currently available.

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First, the treatment must be 100% safe. Next, it must be highly effective. The product line should be easy and convenient to use. It must be suitable for both men and women. And ideally, it would be cost-effective.

As Dr. Marcovici refined formulation after formulation, it remained his core hypothesis that the endpoint effort could become a meaningful, and perhaps even more effective, alternative to standard pharmaceutical hair loss treatment options. This finding led to several years of formal research - culminating in a Ph.D. dissertation as well as the basis for the latest and most powerful hair loss treatment regimen yet devised.

Scientific Hypothesis Which Led To Hair Genesis™

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) shares a striking amount of endocrinologic pathways with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Certain botanical compounds, and specifically those under discussion herein, have previously demonstrated the ability to inhibit key metabolic processes associated with BPH. Based on the parallel etiologies of these two disorders, it is the central hypothesis of this dissertation to examine the putative benefit these botanicals may offer in the treatment of AGA.

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